Designed by Giannone Petriconne Associates Inc., 55 Port captures the essence of the neighbourhood’s historic waterfront industry and balances it with the luxury of a modern residential community. Steeped in luxury, soaked in exclusivity, the architecture embraces the form of shoreline buildings, adding refinement and elegance with robust metal and masonry. The building is sculpted and carved to allow residents every opportunity to grasp the golden light of sun-drenched interiors and blue vistas of unobstructed views of Lake Ontario.

An Ever-Changing Homecoming.

The lobby is a layered composition, an artist’s masterpiece. Each surface is a symphony, joining to create exquisite textures in as fluid a harmony as the lake beyond. The organic shaped ceiling, various lighting effects, and a yin-yang colour scheme of blues and golds cast an elegant impression, which changes as you experience the space: reflections sparkle, shapes reform. Every aspect of the lobby has been designed as the perfect welcome for owners and their guests to a life of luxury by the lake.

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