Julia Baird-Oryschak

Real Estate Agent

Julia was born and raised in Canada, but her hunger for knowledge (and gastronomy) has taken her on an incredible journey across the globe. One of Julia’s first stops was Australia, where, in between skydiving and surf attempts, she found her place in the startup world. She worked with socially conscious startups to help develop their go-to-market strategies, campaigns, and domestic expansion ambitions (skills that she is keen to deploy in the ever-competitive real estate market).

After one too many sunburns, Julia headed home to Canada to pursue an honours international double-degree business program. Her time in university was divided between Canada and Germany. While in Canada, she competed on her university’s international case competition team and helped run student organizations. Her time in Germany, however, was focused on traveling and trying every dish imaginable. Julia now holds a BSc in the Science of Management from the European Business School in Germany and a BBA in International Business from the Goodman School of Business in Canada.

To date, Julia’s passion for business has led her to work with startups, venture capitalists, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies in Canada, Australia, England, and Germany. 

Her next stop? The TB Realty Group. 

Her goal is to use her diverse range of experiences to connect with her clients, deliver outstanding customer service, and contribute to the growth of the TB Realty Group. 

Julia's key strength is resourcefulness - whatever the ask, she will find a way to make it happen! Her clients can count on her to provide top-tier communication, attention to detail, and a healthy dose of fun (and food!).