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"Got Culture?" The 2013 Cultural Summit


Last week I was at the Keller-Williams Family Reunion in Dallas, Texas. The conference was an amazing experience, and I want to share some of what I learned with you! 

"Got Culture?" The 2013 Culture Summit

“This year, Keller Williams is celebrating its 30th Anniversary! This marks 30 years of – doing the right thing, family helping family, random acts of kindness, generous donations, win-win deals, and putting God and family BEFORE business. Yes, we’ve GOT CULTURE! “ – Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman of the Board, Keller Williams Realty

The 8th Annual Cultural Summit – the annual ceremony celebrating the unique culture of our company and the leaders who champion and actively help grow it – kicked off Family Reunion 2013 this morning. Led by Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman of the Board and Kay Evans, regional co-owner in the Southeast and North Florida regions, the ceremony honored and welcomed 60 new ambassadors to our cultural army.

Nominated by their peers, Cultural Ambassadors are associates who are shining examples of giving, sharing, and helping to grow the KW culture. They are selected for their service to others both inside their market center and in their communities. “You are chosen as a Cultural Ambassador because you exemplify the culture of Keller Williams at the highest level,” said Anderson as she addressed the honorees. “Your passion for living the culture is an inspiration. Thank you for your deeds of kindness and for the integrity you embody.”


President Mary Tennant brought some laughs as she came to the stage in a white mustache and asked the audience, “Got culture?”“When you’re a cultural ambassador giving it your all, you’ve got culture!” she exclaimed. “If you’ve got culture, it’s so transparent. It’s obvious to everyone you come into contact with – your colleagues, clients, friends, family, even perfect strangers. I salute all of you for your culture because I see it so clearly in your hearts and words and actions. You’ve got culture and Keller Williams is stronger because of you!”

So what is culture really? To Anderson and Evans culture is… 

  1. Making decisions that are right for the market center regardless of individual impact
  2. Taking a stand on an issue that is not popular, but is right
  3. Being the best co-op associate possible; always respecting other associates
  4. Helping someone in the market center willingly and with a smile, even though you are busy
  5. Doing something right without wanting to be recognized or acknowledged for it
  6. Paying a struggling associate’s fees anonymously
  7. Complimenting others regularly
  8. Being a part of the solution and not the problem in a market center
  9. Taking the high road on confrontational issues or points of difference
  10. Handling a fellow associate’s business when personal or family illness occurs
  11. Paying a struggling associate’s tuition to a class that may impact the associate’s productivity
  12. Living up to the covenant if you are on the ALC
  13. Representing the market center and the company in a positive way—always
  14. Smiling at others in the market center regularly
  15. Staying home if you’re having a bad day attitudinally
  16. Speaking without profanity
  17. Avoiding disparaging remarks about anyone
  18. Committing a random act of kindness every day
  19. Honoring the policies and protocol of the Region regarding recruiting
  20. Giving seven hugs a day
  21. Not recruiting associates from another KW market center
  22. Being willing to walk away from a transaction that compromises your principles
  23. Being considerate of the staff
  24. Paying your market center bills on time
  25. Not looking for loopholes in cap and royalty payment
  26. Responding to clients’ calls and concerns in a timely manner
  27. Considering the other person’s viewpoint before reacting
  28. Following the model
  29. Being excited about saying, “Would you mind if my Team Leader called you?”
  30. Implementing the Keller Williams productivity system
  31. Finally creating the budget you know you need for your business
  32. Not only learning but living the WI4C2TS
  33. Putting God and your family first, and the business second
  34. Understanding that the higher purpose of business is to give, share, and care
  35. Building your level one profit share down line to 15, as soon as possible.
  36. Lead generating for three hours, every day.
  37. Using a monthly profit and loss statement to analyze your real estate business.
  38. Hitting your monthly and annual production goals.
  39. Profitability in your personal real estate business.

Anderson went on to thank the individual ambassadors for being role models of the WI4C2TS and continued generosity before asking them to join her on stage to be honored with a gift. Congratulations to this year’s group of Cultural Ambassadors!

What will YOU do to enhance the culture?


Read the original article on the Keller-Williams blog: blog.kw.com

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Published Thursday, February 21, 2013 9:58 AM by Theresa Baird
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